July 21th Market Flash before NY time


Here is my analysis on the market before New York time.

EURUSD touched 2σ upper line based on the Stochastics, it has apart from the line. Now it looks range trade within the band. Basically, EUR can appreciate for a while.

Bar chart=EURUSD, Source :TradingView

USDJPY  has touched 2σ lower line based on the Stochastics. It is close to the support line, 107.05.

Bar chart=USDJPY, Source :TradingView

In Asia and EU time, UST yield has been up with EU Reconstruction Fund agreement. After entering NY time, yield has been down and 10 year yield has close to 0.6%.

Red Line=US10 Year Yield, Blue Line=US5 Year Yield, Orange Line=US30 Year Yield, Source :TradingView

DAX and SPX level are almost back to Marck level. The earning level is lower, so the valuation is very rich. August is seasonally weak month, so I don’t know this rich valuations continue or not…

Blue Line=DAX Index, Blue Line=SPX Index, Source :TradingView